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We have been in business since March 1994 as Independent Distributors with GNLD. Our parent web site is   www.smartchoice.gnld.com      
Having been there and done that we founded WiLaf so you don't have to learn the 'don'ts 'of this business the hard way.

WiLaf opens the door to an exciting business based on GNLD marketing plan. Work ILike A Franchise is a simple business model with an easy to follow system of duplication. It is similar in structure to a franchise. You learn to do something and you teach others to do the same thing. 
Think of McDonald's for example: every franchise outlet look the same, smell the same etc. Each franchise is the exact replica of the parent company. WiLaf uses a similar system. 

WiLaf at how simple it is to really earn from this business so we are here to show you the 'dos'....how you can Work ILike A Franchise and earn as little or as much as you want from where ever you want. 
​Our goal is to get into your hands the product to help you feel fabulous physically and financially. 

We have also published our first book to give you a healthy dose of what has been described as 'the best medicine,' yes,...laughter.
Join us at WiLaf and let's laugh together.

Donna Dedier-James
Felix N James

Don't stockpile products unless you absolutely want to.
Don't spend your whole day talking about the product.
Don't put this off for tomorrow...Get started today
GNLD product is not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or disorder. The product is for nutritional purposes only. If you have a medical condition please consult a medical pratitioner.
No information on this site is to be taken as a guarantee of any earning. Income earned is based on individual effort.
WiLaf 2012. No reproduction in whole or in part of any information or images on this site without written permission. All Rights Reserved. 
HomeAbout UsGet a LaughProduct
How To WorkThree StripsPhoto GalleryContact Us