....you can laugh too.
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​As a wife, and mother of one boy and one girl, I too am part of a family that has faced and continues to face many challenges; yet even while a challenge is in full swing we find so many reasons not just to laugh but to burst our bellies laughing.

As a victim of breast cancer I know the concerns when a potentially life threatening condition smacks your family in the face. In spite of that there were tons of occasions to laugh even during chemo therapy; even just before and just after radiation treatment. I laughed because: “I cried because I had no shoes then I saw a man with no feet.” Many others are going through worse.

The birth of my firstborn, my son Yohance, brought untold joy with an awesome future until we were stopped dead in our tracks with a diagnosis of brain damage resulting in Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, Mild Cerebral Palsy and Pervasive Developmental Disorder bringing so much pain, blood and tears. But, Yohance laughed almost every day for some reason or the other and we all laughed along.
With you I share the joys, I share the journeys, I share the laughs. 

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